Why We Love Alfresco Dining

Summer’s in full swing and what better way to enjoy the cheerful weather than by spending as much time outdoors as possible? One of our favorite summer pastime activities is having a picnic in nature or going to outdoors restaurants. Regardless of the weather we just love the excitement and freedom of getting outdoors and embracing the wonderful fresh air. If dining outdoors can become part of our summer family lunches and picnics, evening soirées, slow Sunday lunches and beach BBQ’s .. then all the better. So why has Alfresco dining become so important as part of our Summer staycation schedule?


The summer air carries smells and sounds of delicious foods .. barbeques, open kitchens, street food, pizza. Happy memories of holidays past flood back to us. These moments are revisited simply from the memory triggered by the simple delights brought on by the sunshine and help to remind us all of everything that we have and can be grateful for. These feelings touch us with the warm ‘fuzzy feelings’ that help us fully enjoy moments spent with old friends and family on lazy summer afternoons.


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